Starting With Your Own Ecommerce Website.

What is an Ecommerce Website?

A website, on which you can sell your Services and Products in exchange for a certain price, is an Ecommerce Website. is the most common and known example of this – But it’s not your website.

Websites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are for everyone to use – any Business can list their products on these websites.

Pro: Exposure to a Bigger Audience
Con: A customer might buy from you, or your competitor – on that same website.

Question: A better way?
Answer: Your own eCommerce Website.

What is a Good Way to Make an Ecommerce Website

Whether you are a developer for your own eCommerce Website or Hiring a Media Company (like us) to create a professional eCommerce website for you.

Either way, the following details about your Website will be helpful:

eCommerce Website Builders/Platforms:

There are quite a few platforms to select from. Shopify & WooCommerce are the two majorly used.

With many Ready-to-go Templates, you don’t have to do much. Except, list your Product/Service on your Website – Add Payment details, so customers can pay you. And your Ecommerce Website is ready to go.

If you have experience with WordPress Websites. Or you don’t mind working on your Website Designs yourself – WooCommerce has a lot to offer to you.

Unlike Shopify, there are no Readily Available Templates – but it offers more flexibility with Website Design and Functionality.

Best Pro of using WooCommerce – No Monthly Subscription – it’s Free.

There are a few other options too. Some of them are:


You will need to Buy Domain ( and Hosting for your website too, from a Hosting Provider. Here are a few:

We have been using ‘NameCheap’ for all of our Businesses and our client’s Businesses. With amazing 24×7 Customer Support, NameCheap is definitely recommended.

But there are other options too. Some of them are:

Ways To Promote Your Ecommerce Website


Blogs are the most common way to promote your Business.

Sharing different perspectives about your Product/Service will increase traffic to your website. And the more people know about your website, more the chances of them buying from your website.

  • YouTube & Social Media Posts:

Similar to Blogs, you can share the content from your Blog over the Social Media Platforms of your Business. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are the main platforms.

And if you think you can appeal to more people using Videos – YouTube is the Best for you.

With you mentioning your website at the end of every Video – and your website’s link in each video’s description – YouTube can prove to be Game Changer for you.

Paid Media:

What’s better than reaching your Target Audience in a way your business needs?

Using Facebook Ads – ‘Website Traffic’ and ‘Lead Generation’ can prove to be very helpful in generating sales for any Business, especially new ones.

Paid Media and Social Media Ads give a chance to Small Businesses to reach their audience, in the exact manner Big Businesses can do.


In a survey in 2019, it was found that more than 70% of shopping journeys start with Online Research.

Google – This is where you or any of your customers go when they are looking for something to buy. If you show up in front of them at the exact time, and they like what you have – Bingo!

Improving SEO, short for (Search Engine Optimization) has become another mandatory rule. Because if your Website’s SEO is poor and you don’t have any other means to bring traffic to your website – you are screwed.


Getting started with selling stuff online, on your own website – is not as complicated as one might think it is.

In fact, Businesses that do not have a website would be the ones to fall behind. Because, almost everything’s available Online – and that’s where your customers are too.

We have built Websites for many Businesses & Solopreneurs, and if you are hiring someone like us, you can even choose not to get involved with technical conversations.

Just start with it and with time, you’ll get enough data from customers’ behavior to make necessary changes.

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