Which Social Media Platform Is Best For YOUR Business?

There is a specific reason, why Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) became a Multi-Billionaire at the young age of 23. What do you think is the reason?

We will talk about – “Can Social Media Marketing Really Help Business” in a bit, but let’s have a look at some related facts”:

Quick Fact – In the first three months of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 Billion Monthly-Active users.

Another Fact – Small and Medium Business Owner average earning (according to thebalancesmb.com) is $59,000 per year. 

Are these 2 facts related in any way? Yes, they are… if you also know the following fact – 

Small Business Owners, who are utilizing Social Media for their Business, made an average of $181,700 in 2018.

Wait for a second! How is it more than 3 times the average number itself?

But let’s understand this in detail first. Let’s discuss some more facts. 

Businesses are continuously in search of new ways – to get in front of their right customers.

Most of the time, it does not matter how good a service/product business has to offer. If the right customers do not know about that business, then these businesses are destined to fail.

Businesses constantly need to remind people about their product/service – and how it is making the lives of their customers easier. So that customers keep coming back to them.

More Facts..

To Really Understand Why Social Media Marketing Can Help Any Business, let’s go back in some time.

Before the year 1900, Businesses were partnering with Newspapers. Newspapers (sometimes Billboard) were their only chance to get in front of a big group of people.

Around the year 1930, Radio started to become popular. In other words, more people were around Radios than Newspapers – for Entertainment.

What did these businesses do? Businesses started using Radio Channels as a medium for Communication. They started getting into the ears of people, through Radio.

After the year 1990, the majority of people were able to afford to purchase the new Entertainment source that was popular – Television.

What did all Businesses do? You guessed it – they started getting in front of people via Television.

Why? Because this is where people were spending their time the most. 

Whether it was through Partnership with TV Shows, or Paid Commercial Ads, or any other medium… businesses were there – on Television. 

To make more and more money, Businesses always have to be in front of people… No matter where people are. 

What is a Lesson for us? The lesson is–

“Where there are people, there is Money.”

This sums up an answer to, Why Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business. Because that’s where people are.

Let’s come back to where we had started. How did a founder of a Social Media Platform (Facebook – which is Free for everybody to use) became one of the youngest Billionaires?

The answer is simple – he created something where people like to spend their time (a lot). And as you now know – where there are people, there is money, always. 

This is exactly why the founders of Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram (now owned by Facebook), Pinterest, etc., are all Multi-Billionaires. 

So as a Business Owner, what is in it for you?

Good question. The answer is – ‘if Social Media is where your customers are spending their time today, then Social Media is a place where Your Money is.

Remember – Where there are people, there is money. Even for You!

The great thing about Social Media is, you can come in front of your right customers – sometimes without spending even a penny.

Well, that’s not “Breaking News”. You already knew this.

But did you know, Online Sales Estimate Figures are expected to hit the $4.5 Trillion mark by the year 2021? Yes, $ 4,500,000,000,000. (According to Statista Report)

A Very Important thing to keep in mind is that Sales Estimates for Service-based Businesses were not part of this estimated figure.

What this means is – Gyms, Restaurants, Real Estate Agents, Dentists/Chiropractors, or any such Businesses are not included in this $4.5 Trillion Sales Estimate. Even if these businesses are making Huge Money using Social Media.

More than 63% of customers of these businesses decide to become paying customers while using the Internet.

But since cash payments for these businesses are done in person, their estimate cannot be tracked, not even roughly.

Not using Social Media for your Business simply means – not collecting the money, which could have been yours.

But which Social Media Platform is right for your business?

The answer is simple – whichever Social Media Platform has the most information about your customers. For most businesses – it is Facebook and Instagram.

What do you think, which Social Media Platform is Best for You?

And Most Importantly, what do you think now -“Can Social Media Marketing Help Your Business?”

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