Can Words Get You More Sales? – Gary Halbert Says, Yes.

Your Message for your Customer is Important. But The ‘way’ you say it – is even More Important. 

Many times, the actual result of your Marketing Campaign does not match the results which you were expecting from it. 

You feel you’ve done everything Right – Shared the Right Message with your customers, told them about your Best Limited Period Offer, and used the Best Images possible to make it look attractive. 

And yet – the response you’re getting from your customers is not what you thought it would be. The Sales Numbers are not Moving up for your Ad Campaigns. The Engagement rates have not increased for your Social Media Posts and Videos. 

If you find yourself making the same arguments and asking the same questions; you need to focus on the ‘WORDS’, Literally. – Not just on Beautiful Images and a Whopping 50% Discount Offer. 

One of the Greatest Marketers and Copywriters of all-time “Gary Halbert” uses a great example to explain the importance of Words.


Gary Halbert, Marketer and Copywriter, considered the Best of All Time by many – uses the example of ‘2 Letters to your Mother’ to enhance the importance of Words. 

Here’s how he explains the same; he starts his all seminars this way.
If you were one of the attendees of his Seminar, he would hand you over 2 Letters, 2 Envelopes, and 2 First-Class Stamps.

He then goes ahead and says – “I want to read 2 Letters to you. And both of these Letters are written to your Mother.” And then, you’ll have to Hand-Write 2 Letters to your Mother.

#1. The First Letter Goes Like This-

“Dear Mom!

I am very Busy right now and I don’t have time to call so that’s why I am writing you this Letter.

You know Mom, not only are you responsible for my very existence, you are also the nourishment that has made my life sparkle.

I am under a lot of stress right now and for some reason, I started thinking about you.

It has occurred to me that maybe I haven’t let you know recently how much I love you.

I especially like remembering you on my 18th Birthday when you gave me that Rolex Watch.

Anyway, I am going to make it a point to see you just as soon as I can.

Love, John”

You will have to Fold this letter – Put it in an Envelope – Address it to your Mom – Put a Stamp on the Envelope and Seal it.

Then, you will have to do it all over again with the Second Letter. 

#2. The Second Letter Goes Like This-

“Dear Mom,

If I weren’t such a long way from home, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to tell you this but the following has been true ever since I was born.

You have made my life a living hell. Every person I know has a Mother that is superior to you in every positive way imaginable. You are nothing more than a wrinkled up old ***** and as far as I am concerned – the biggest *********** ***** *********.

So just in case, your low IQ keeps you from understanding what I am trying to say, let me make it perfectly clear… ’***** ******* ********* ******** *******’.

Please don’t call or write me, I have no inclination whatsoever to communicate with you ever again.

P.S. Dad sucks too.

Reluctantly, John”

Now, you can guess that there would be a dramatic difference between the reaction of your Mother – depending on which one of these 2 Letters she gets.

So, you will be asked to write down the differences between the 2 Letters. What would you write? 

Let’s see:

Differences Between Letter #1 & Letter #2:

Cost of Envelope: None
The energy took to Address Envelope: None
Amount of Postage Paid: None
Cost of Paper: None
Energy and Time to Write: None

And Yet, one of these Letters will have created Great, Warm Bonding Feelings and another Letter would have caused Despair, Grief, and Unhappiness.

So, what was the difference?

There’s only One Difference –
“WORDS”. Words on a Piece of Paper.

Mr. Gary Quotes, “There is nothing in the world that is stronger than the words on a Piece of Paper.”

It is worth paying attention, when a man who has mastered the art of Copywriting, says this – “The written word is the strongest most source of power in the entire universe.”


Same Letter, Same Stamp, Same Address, addressed to the Same Person – different words will invoke different emotions and different reactions. Gary Halbert made it very easy to understand for all people, using this Example. 

The reaction of your customers to your Ads, your Social Media Posts, and your Message – hugely depends on, ‘the way you chose to send your message and how it was received by them. 

Mere words can make a big difference. That’s what Copywriters try to master and that’s what makes them valuable to your organization. 

If you’ve been trying different things with Online Marketing and nothing is working out – you might want to consider changing the most Important and Valuable thing in it – WORDS.

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