Is Blogging Dead, So How To Increase Your Organic Sales?

“Blogging is Dead and Buried.”

“No one read Blogs anymore.”

“Is Blogging even worth your time today?”

These are the Top Results you would find in Google Search Results if you just search for ‘Blogging is …’ in your Google Search Bar. 

Yet the content format itself, where you are going to read about ‘Why Blogging is Dead’, will be a Blog Post.

Sure, the ways of Blogging have changed. As Social Media Platforms have risen and almost every other Business is using Facebook – Instagram – LinkedIn, promote their Brand (as they should). People are being bombarded by these Businesses with information every other minute. 

As the end result, the attention span of the audience has dropped significantly. Now people want to learn more in less time.

 To tackle this situation, you are going to update your content. But you never will (and never can) stop Blogging.

In The Age of Social Media – Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn Are Your Blogging Platforms

Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO of VaynerMedia) published an article with Inc. where he writes – “Any social media platform can be treated like a blog because that is where people are listening.”

If you understand this statement, it sums up this complete article. If you have a business, you are going to produce content, in one format or another. It is only a matter of which platform you choose to share your message with your customers.

 Definition of Blog: “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”

And that’s exactly what Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, and other Social Media Platforms are built for. These platforms are in fact your Blogging Platforms.

If you are producing content on your Website regularly, Google SEO is going to reward you in the long run. But the presence of your Business on Social Media platforms can make or break your business today.


Earlier we talked about, why people want to learn everything fast. You have to create content by keeping this in mind. Unfortunately, this is the way it has to be most of the time.

Fortunately, this exact same type of content these Social Media Platforms encourage. Videos, Images, and even shorten articles and tweets are a compact form of blogs.

An important thing to keep in mind always, it has to be valuable. Either it should pursue your audience to take another action (for example, clicking the link to read the full Blog) or you can take some bullet points from your Blog or primary source of the content method.

It takes us to the next step.


(That’s How You Will Know, Which Social Media Platform Will Work For You)

Based on your service or product, you will always have a certain idea of – which Social Media platform is best to engage with your customers. But it is always a good idea to have your social presence on all Social Media Platforms.

Does this mean you need to create content for every platform? – Not necessarily. Your primary content format can be converted into other forms.

For example, if you write a Blog Post, you can take a few bullet points from it and share it over Twitter.

You can take those same bullet points and very easily edit them into Image/s (using – to share them over Instagram.

If you can create a short video of yourself, sharing that same information – it will outperform your any other content format. It can be shared over Facebook and YouTube.


Is Blogging Dead, or will ever be? – No.

The format is going to be changed. The ways you share your messages and reach out to your audience are going to change. Even the platforms are going to be changed (sooner or later, it is bound to change).

We can give it other names and it can be categorized in different formats, such as – Facebook Posts, LinkedIn Articles, Medium Articles, Instagram TV (IGTV), YouTube Videos, etc.

But if you own a business, you need to share your message with your audience in one way or another.

You never can and never will stop Blogging.

P.S. If you are concerned about the efforts and time that you are going to put into ‘Traditional Blog Posts’, please read the following stats shared by HubSpot.

“Companies who blog receive 97% more links directing to their website.” – HubSpot (in an eBook ‘How to Start a Successful Blog 2018’)

Yes. Right customers, who are worth your time, do read long Traditional blog posts. In fact, they are the ones who qualify as your best potential customers.

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