Find Customers for Your e-Commerce Business.

Find Customers for eCommerce

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We are Not going to discuss general suggestions like – ‘Be Social’, ‘Get Noticed Online’ etc, etc.

But, we’ll discuss the step-by-step proven process used by us and many other successful Businesses to find customers for eCommerce Business.

I will also share the results for one of our Business, using the same method.

1. Collect Leads OR Send Buyers to your Website. Here’s How:

Let’s talk about Collecting Leads first.

If you’re just starting, you don’t need a website to start collecting leads. You can Generate Leads directly on Social Media Platforms.

It could be any of the platforms, where your customers hang out the most.

For a Book Business of ours, it was Facebook. So we did this:

Find Customers for eCommerce Business

Here’s another:

Find Customers for eCommerce Business

Keep in mind, it was just a Test Lead Generation Process. I shall share the numbers from after this Business turned Full Time, in another Article.

Facebook was the best option for this Business. Depending on the Audience for your Business, you can do the same on Instagram, LinkedIn, even Snapchat.


  • We didn’t have any Website for this.
  • We didn’t have a plan in place on how to fulfill the orders.
  • We didn’t even have a single copy of a Book in our hands – just one resource (Non-Official at the time).
  • It was Tested from our Home, during Coronavirus Lockdown.


100+ and 150+ Leads – from which we Generated 35 Times of Return on Very Small Test investment. This is the Power of Social Media.

If your Business already has a Website, you can use the same Social Media Platforms to increase Sales through your Website.

In this case, instead of collecting Leads and contacting them one by one – you will be sending them to your Website.

So they can make a purchase. This way, most of your sales are automated and you don’t have to deal with this process manually.


Sending Buyers to your Website is the best option when you have many customers to deal with.

But when you’re just starting out, Generating Leads and Contacting them One-by-One works the best; as it includes the Human Touch.

2. Communicate, with Offers. Here's How:

FACT: About 90% of Customers Say NO / Don’t Respond during the first interaction.

On average 90% of your customers will Buy your product after the 7th interaction. So, you have to keep reminding them about your Product.

Whether you opted to Collect Leads (Contact Number & Email ID of your customers) OR you opted to send your Buyers to your Website – Communication should be on-going after the first step.

If you collected Leads, then you have the Contact Details or Email IDs of your customers. You can keep in touch with them – with Offers, Discounts etc.

But, if you decided to send Buyers to your Website. And you want to contact the ones who didn’t purchase – you can still keep in touch with them through Pixel.

Pixel is a piece of code by Facebook, Snapchat, which helps you to keep in touch with your potential customers. It’s a Great tool use by may of Major Brands in the World.


It doesn’t matter which way you choose – as long as it is appealing, has a personal touch and you’re consistent with your communication with your customers.

3. Bring Your Product to Other MarketPlace

Starting with your own Website is Best, when you’re starting.

Because selling through MarketPlace will also mean – that you have to pay a commission for every sale to the marketplace.

However, once you grow and start making profit – you can consider selling over other MarketPlaces too.

Major MarketPlaces already have many Daily Visitors. And People trust these MarketPlaces, so you can get a chunk out of it.

At the point when your Business is already in Profit, this will be considered as an additional Source of Income for your Business. And that’s Good.

According to Sellbrite, here’s a list of Best eCommerce MarketPlaces for Online Sellers:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. eBay
  4. Etsy
  5. NewEgg
  6. Rakuten
  7. CrateJoy

You can choose based on your Product and Location. 

Although, the majority of your focus and efforts should be dedicated towards sending Buyers to your own Website.


Creating Leads OR Finding Customers for your eCommerce Products are Not that difficult. There are Customers for each and every product that exists, even weird ones.

Fulfilling Orders Safely On-Time, Managing Communications, Making Sure that your Customers get Good Quality Product could be Hard. But outsourcing companies to solve these problems can ease this work for your Business.


However, You are one responsible for Growing Sales – No One Else. It’s your job to make sure You are consistently talking to new Customers OR New Customers keep coming to your website.

Social Media has made it very easy if you know how to use it for your Business.


We started an eCommerce Book Business from our Bedroom, during Lockdown, without any Website. And made 35x Return, in just 5 Days.

Your Business can Grow your Sale – if you use the similar strategy for your eCommerce Business, or any other Business. Just make sure to tweak in-betweens according to your Product and Customers.

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